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Summer 2010 Trends

Despite the blazing weather we’ve been having lately, summer has just begun and now it’s time to update your wardrobe with the latest summer trends.  Bobby Cooper Salon is here to help and keep you stylish all summer long.








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Prevent Chlorine Damage


With summer just around the corner everyone is sure to be spending  their days hanging out and relaxing by the pool.  Before you decide to take a dip make sure you know the dangers chlorine can cause to your hair and how to prevent it.

Chlorine opens the cuticle and allows other containments such as lead, copper, arsenic, mercury, iron, lime, and many other harmful metals and bacteria to deposit into your hair.  Chlorine is considered to be the leading cause of hair loss and thinning hair. It ruins your hair color and can even turn your hair green from iron or copper being deposited. So how can you protect your hair? Kerastase has a product called Gelee Aqua-Proof which is considered to be like a wet suit for your hair. Just run this gel-like substance from roots to ends and you’re set for UV, sea, and pool protection.  Because this product is like no other, we recommend the Bain Apres-Soleil (shampoo) to remove it and also provide extra moisture to sun-exposed strands.

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Perfect Wedding Day Hair


You can’t have a perfect wedding without the perfect hair! Follow Bobby’s tips by planning weeks in advance for gorgeous locks on your big day:

 Two Weeks Before the Wedding Date:

  • Schedule an appointment with your stylist to refresh your color.  If you are planning on changing the color of your hair entirely for your wedding or wanting to go a different direction from what you currently have plan up to 2-3 visits with your stylist (4-6 weeks from your wedding date) to achieve the perfect shade.
  • Along with your color appointment plan to schedule a 5 minute Kerastase treatment to revitalize damaged hair, create more shine, or add moisture to dry strands.
  • Consult with your stylist about wedding hair ideas, extension (pop-on) options, and custom-made vintage hair accessories.

One Week Before the Wedding Date:

  • Schedule a haircut appointment
  • Schedule a bridal trial appointment where you and the stylist can practice your wedding hair ideas, clip-in extension pieces and make any variations before your big day.
  • Schedule a Kerastase Volumorphose treatment (best for fine or thin hair) to create big hair on your wedding day.
  • Get any facial waxing (brow or lip).

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