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Kaze Wave

Shu Uemura’s newest product for curly hair, Kaze Wave, provides definition to curls without losing softness.  Kaze Wave is formulated with acacia gum known for its fortifying and texturizing properties. It provides flexible hold with a soft and shiny finish without adding weight to hair. Kaze Wave is best used on curly to wavy hair and also provides heat protection from styling tools such as blowdryers and curling irons. It smells of green florals enveloped in Lily of the Valley. For medium to long hair, apply a tennis size ball amount to your hands and spread evenly throughout damp hair and dry naturally or with a diffuser.


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Get Volume with Ample Angora

Ample Angora is Shu Uemura’s latest product to maximize volume while leaving hair as silky as angora. Both stylists and clients have been raving about its effects! Because of the light volumizing foam, Ample Angora is best on fine hair and leaves hair feel soft with no crunchy effect. It’s enriched with Japanese Cedar Bud which is a giant sacred tree known for its fortifying properties. Ample Angora is scented with green florals enveloped in lily of the valley. To apply use a comb to spread Ample Angora from roots to ends or apply delicately with fingertips for a more targeted application. For best results, flip hair upside down and blowdry with round brush.

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Chronologiste- A Haircare Miracle

Never before has such a large amount of active ingredients, in the highest concentration, been combined in one single formula. Chronologiste is to the hair what caviar is to the body.  Like caviar, naturally rich in essential amino-acids, proteins, fatty acids and minerals, Chronologiste is a hair treatment fusion of two components.  These two components, pearls and velvety cream, transform your hair and leave it incredibly soft, supple, and shiny.  Hair fiber is renewed, deeply nourished and strengthened.  Hair integrity is preserved and the scalp is regenerated, soothed, and hydrated.  The 30 minute Chronologiste in-salon ritual combines an exclusive massage and a sensorial application with the use of a thermal wrap to optimize the hair and scalp benefits. Chronologiste At-Home Treatment is available. Call to make an appointmet and begin your journey to softer, healthier, hair.

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Discover Chroma Riche

Maximize your color-treated hair with moisture and shine.  Discover Chroma Riche at this introductory offer a $99 value, yours for $66.  Chroma Riche Discovery kit includes travel size Bain Chroma Riche (3.4 fl. oz.), travel size Chroma Riche masque, full size Chroma Riche leave-in (4.2 fl. oz.), and a complementary Pixelist in-salon treatment card. 

Bain Chroma Riche- cleanses hair, while adding softness and shine.

Chroma Riche Masque- intense hair color is revealed and protects from external aggressions.

Chroma Riche Leave-in- detangles hair and makes hair easy for styling while also adding more shine and protecting from external aggressions.

Pixelist Salon Treatment- results in lasting, lustrous and radiant color. Seals-in hydrophobic protection against color-fading.

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