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Night Time Re-TREAT

It’s not called beauty sleep for nothing.  A lot happens in the wee hours you are in la la land. Damaged cells are repaired and your immune system and brain power is revitalized, not to mention, your hair! What is your night-time regimen? If you don’t have one, maybe it’s time to start!

1) We recommend not washing your hair everyday.  Two to Three times a week is ideal, but if you can’t go that long, every other day will suffice. You can still get your hair wet or even condition, but shampooing everyday dries out your hair, your color, and rids natural hair oil.

2) After towel drying your hair apply a leave-in to renew tired, dull looking hair and then loosely twist and wrap in a low bun. We love Kerastase’s Noctogenist line and it smells fabulous! This leave-in may make hair feel “greasy” when you put it on, but surprisingly disappears by morning!

3) Finally, replace cotton pillow cases with satin or silk. Cotton creates friction that ruffles the cuticle and makes hair frizzy which also helps prevent less breakage and split ends.


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Hair for Haiti

Through February 20th, Bobby Cooper Salon will be donating 100% of treatment proceeds to help the people of Haiti.  Your hair will benefit from this $30 luxury, in-salon treatment that takes under 5 minutes to do.


Feel good about your hair while helping rebuild Haiti.

 *BCS will work directly with the Red Cross for all donations.

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The perfect blow dry


Have you ever left the salon absolutely in love with your hair, but when you got home you had no idea how your stylist did what they did? You bought the products, but you just couldn’t make it look the same! At Bobby Cooper Salon we offer style parties to show you the tricks of the trade.  What’s even better is you’re not alone.  You can invite your girlfriends who have the same problems, whether they are clients of Bobby Cooper Salon or not, and we all tackle the issues together.  The stylist will take turns showing you how to do the perfect blow dry, how to make the perfect pony tail, and how to use a bobby pin all while enjoying a glass of wine and hor d’oeuvres. We can also customize the parties to your needs with whatever you may need help with. Maybe you’re going on a trip, starting a new job, or going to a formal event, whatever the case, we can help you!  



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Model Call

If you are interested in being a hair color model for salon education on Monday, March 1st please call 317-251-5000 to book a 15 min. consultation for eligibility.  This service would be free of charge.

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What’s New: Rihanna’s Precision Cut

Bobby loves Rihanna’s hair for short trendy hairstyles this spring. He says precision cuts are back. Precision cuts are more clean and precise like Rihanna’s.  The trend is going away from the wispy, feathered back look like in the past.

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Li Lash Eye Stimulator

Have you always wanted longer lashes but can’t afford or have time for the upkeep of lash extensions? Our clients love Li Lash Eye Stimulator available at our salon. Stylist Riley Barker’s eyelashes are proof that Li Lash produces great results. Li Lash is a physician formulated and clinically tested lash conditioner. Apply once daily and you will see results in 4-6 weeks. Not only will your lashes grow longer, but they will become stronger and break less often.

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