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Volume 2: Easy Asymmetrical Bun


  Asymmetrical trends were big this year, so why not top the year off with a side bun? This style looks great paired with an asymmetrical top or dress (with the bun being over the bare shoulder). Director Bryan Bisson demonstrates how to get this look at home. Bryan has worked with Bobby for over 5 years and loves doing multidimensional color, long layers, and short sexy haircuts. To book an appointment with Bryan call us at 317-251-5000. 

1) Begin with dirty or day old curls. I curled my hair like Kate Hudson’s hair (click here to see how).

2) Tease hair at the crown using a fine tooth comb or teasing pick in the down direction

3) Finger rake the hair back into a side ponytail. Keep it messy and tousled looking and secure with an elastic.


4) Separate pieces and tease each piece, then pin until bun is complete. 


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Party Hair- Volume 1: Basic Curls

Party Hair

New Year’s Eve is almost here and Bobby Cooper Salon wants you to look your best.  If you don’t have time to book an appointment, we are willing to share a few secrets of our own to do your hair at home. Check back tomorrow for “Volume” 2 on how to do an updo!

1) Wash and towel dry hair. 

2) Apply a heat protector like Kerastase Nectar Thermique mid-shaft through ends and a root booster on roots (Shu’s Fiber Lift) to add volume.

3) Blow dry hair and spray on a curl holder and protector (Shu’s Iron Design).

4) Using 1.25 inch curling iron clamp 1 inch section of hair close to the scalp leaving a tail. Gently rolling curling iron until the tail is the last piece into the curling iron (so your ends don’t get fried). See picture for more details.
5) Repeat all over head keeping curls facing down and away from face.
6) Once you look like Goldilocks, like picture to the left, brush out curls. We know, you worked so hard for them! 
7) Begin teasing hair by pulling 1 inch sections at the crown. Using a fine toothed comb, comb hair down, until hair is teased. Smooth top layer with your fingers and tease ends with a pick.
8) Spray with hairspray and you’re done!

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Moisture Treatment at Home

Winterize Your Hair
Hair can get very dry during harsh winter months, so it’s a good idea to apply a moisture treatment once or twice a week. At Bobby Cooper Salon we recommend using Shu Uemura’s Moisture Velvet Nourishing Treatment or Kerastase Masquintense. Also, avoid washing your hair with shampoo daily and try to only wash hair every other day or two. Shampoo strips the hair of natural oils and makes hair even dryer. For curly girls, it’s best to shampoo once a week and wet hair as often as needed only using conditioner. Follow this easy three-step process for healthy luscious strands:


1) Apply quarter size amount of hair treatment, like ones shown above, to towel dried hair.

2) Comb treatment through strands with a wide toothed plastic comb.

3) Cover with plastic cap and let it sit for 15 minutes. For extra moisture zap with a blow dryer for 5 minutes or so.

To finish, rinse hair and style like usual. You can also sleep in mask overnight for the same effect. This service is available in our salon for an extra charge to any service. Call for more information

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The Rachel McAdam’s Challenge

After spotting Rachel McAdam’s hair for her Sherlock Holmes premiere in London, stylist Riley Barker wanted to take on the challenge to re-create this look.  Riley has assisted under Bobby for over a year and is now ready to take the floor.  Aside from color and highlights, Riley loves creating updo’s for weddings and special events as well as doing short hair cuts. With her original style Riley is sure to help you create your own unique look. She takes clients Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.
 Call to book an appointment at 317-251-5000.

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How to: Re-create Kate Hudson’s Hair

Kate Hudson in January 2010 issue of Harper's Bazaar


Bobby loves Kate Hudson’s hair on the front of the January issue of Harper’s Bazaar and he wants you to re-create this look at home for your upcoming holiday parties or for a fun night out. Follow these easy steps to get happy, bouncy hair this season!


 1) After washing hair, part the hair on the opposite side you would normally part and blow dry.  

2) Spray on Shu Uemura’s Iron Design to hold curl and protect hair from heat.  

3) Curl hair down and away from face using a 1.25 inch curling iron.  

4) Brush out curls  

5) Then, flip hair back to your normal part. Doing this will create the voluminous part shown above.  

6) Tease hair at the crown, hairspray hair all over, and smile.  


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To curl hair down, hold curling iron horizontal and angled away from the face like Lauren is showing here.